Best Photo Editors For Android

Best Photo Editors For Android

In this rating, the most relevant and interesting programs at the moment are selected. In the future, the collection will be updated to update the information.

Photoshop Lightroom is a more professional and powerful application in terms of functionality, which focuses mainly on tablets. That is why the program is paid, but during the first installation the user is given 30 days of the trial period. You can use Photoshop Lightroom with a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Among the features of the application: a large number of customizable tools, the ability to roll back changes to the original, editing photos in RAW format, as well as support for synchronization with the "cloud" from Adobe.

After the release of Photoshop Mix and a number of other applications, Adobe stopped developing programs such as Photoshop Touch and Touch for phones, which is still quite convenient for small devices. Despite the fact that the application disappeared from the Google Play catalog, they can still be downloaded on the Treshbox, if you are true to the classics:

Snapseed is a universal photo editor that is suitable for those who like to manually pick their tools and carefully edit the image. The program provides such functions:

  • work with RAW format;
  • automatic editing of colors, brightness, gamma and other things;
  • sharpening;
  • crop, rotate, and crop;
  • the Brush tool, which applies effects to individual objects in the photo;
  • selection and editing of individual parts of the image;
  • the use of many filters with different effects;
  • discard changes.

Among the interesting features of Snapseed should be called a change in focus on the image without the need for a special camera. The application is strongly associated with Google’s services, so Snapseed will be interesting to fans of the Good Corporation and its products. You can download Snapseed for Android on the Treshbox.

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The main functionality (basic because paid is also available) Aviary includes the ability to overlay 12 filters with different effects on the photo, adjust color balance, crop, crop and rotate, as well as change brightness, color temperature, contrast and saturation. In addition, this application allows you to increase sharpness, or vice versa. to blur images in certain areas.

Among the additional interesting features in Aviary you should mention the possibility of removing the red-eye effect, drawing, adding beautiful text, removing stains and bad effects from the image, as well as adding stickers and creating your own memes. overlay text on images. Inside the application, various effects and filters are available for purchase, but there is no advertising. You can download the Aviary app for Android on the Treshbox.

Other Autodesk Pixlr features include:

  • stylization of the image for the use of real drawing tools;
  • removal of defects from a selfie;
  • work with colors. selection, change, copying;
  • overlay frames;
  • work with tonality;
  • adding artificial shadows.

Autodesk also has a more casual and simpler image editor. Pixlr-o-matic, which is less popular, and has not received updates for a long time. But some functions in it are done well, for example. in Pixlr-o-matic there are a huge number of filters and effects. You can download Pixlr and Pixlr-o-matic for Android on the Treshbox.

With the transition to Android, SKRWT developers changed the application interface a lot. it became even more attractive, but this did not affect its former convenience. Using SKRWT is both pleasant and useful. with this program you can really edit images well and even change them beyond recognition.

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The first thing you should pay attention to in Handy Photo is a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a mechanism for user interaction with basic functions. All (almost all) of the basic actions when editing images in this program are performed with one simple long press on the screen, which is intuitive and very convenient. The main functionality of Handy Photo:

  • work with tone and color;
  • quick retouching;
  • cutting out objects and transferring them to other photos;
  • full or partial use of filters;
  • a set of textures and the possibility of applying them to images;
  • overlay frames.

There is support for the RAW format in resolutions up to 36 megapixels. The program also has unique “magical” opportunities, for example. you can even out the horizon without losing authenticity. You can download the Handy Photo app for Android on the Treshbox.

Best Photo Editors For Android

In PicsArt, you can not only create an interesting and funny collage, but also share it with other 250 million users of the application. Inside the program, something like a social network and storage is implemented, where users share their work and evaluate them.

In addition to a good social component, PicsArt has a good set of editing tools:

  • custom effects and filters;
  • standard painting tools with layers of art brushes;
  • overlay text, stickers or clippings from other images;
  • own camera;
  • collage master.

It is worth noting that inside PicsArt, competitions are held every week for the best artists and amateurs. Download PicsArt for Android on the Treshbox.

Among the main functions can be noted “Focus”. an imitation of the technology of SLR cameras and “Call”. the ability to send your work to professional photographers and designers who will appreciate your efforts. Among other things in Fotor you can find:

  • more than 100 filters for photos;
  • 50 filters with the possibility of a combined overlay;
  • Adding text, stickers, and more;
  • change in picture depth;
  • the possibility of pixelation of a certain part of the picture;
  • collage creation of 9 images available magazine templates.
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Fotor developers say that with their application you will be able to fully reveal their potential as a photo artist, because in the program you can contact professionals. You can download the Fotor app for Android on the Treshbox.

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