Applications that make your smartphone run down quickly

Applications that make your smartphone run down quickly

The development of the Android operating system does not stand still. The system is installed faster, more convenient and more prepared for use directly out of the box. If in the past, to perform such a simple action as cleaning the RAM, it was necessary to install third-party applications, today today this action can be easily performed even by preinstalled applications. But users who have a faint idea of ​​what a modern Android smartphone is, are still used to using a bunch of unnecessary, third-party software. Some of these programs simply will not help you achieve your desired goal, while others will also do much harm.

About RAM

Although the names of such applications are huge, but the description is similar. If your phone “slows down”, then of course this miracle program will instantly “cure” it and make it the king of speed.

It is not regrettable, but in fact, such “accelerators” simply close all currently unused applications that are in the background. But if the cleaning program closed the application, which after a while you reopened, then this will require battery power. After all, Android for this and sends applications to the background.

Given the increase in the amount of RAM in modern devices, the need for frequent cleaning of background applications simply disappears.

Programs for total purgatory (Clean Master)

Everything is not so sad here, programs that are designed to clean the cache do their job perfectly. But at the same time, you can perform all the same actions yourself. Just go to “Settings” – “Applications and notifications” and select any of the applications presented on this page. You tap on it, and once again going into the "Storage" you will see the "Clear Cache" button.

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The claim to similar programs that do everything on the machine is the same. High battery consumption. But this does not apply to those applications that the manufacturer itself preinstalled with its shell.

Facebook official app

This application has many drawbacks on both Android and iOS. Guess what’s wrong with the app first? That’s right, it also eats up a lot of battery power, which is important for every smartphone. There are cases when the application of this social left in the background. network, ate up to 30% of the battery in just a couple of hours.

Applications that make your smartphone run down quickly

If you can’t live a day without Facebook, then there are alternative options too. You can use this social. network in the browser (but then you can’t use the sending of personal messages), or look in the direction of alternative and “lightweight” options, of which there are many in the Play Market.

Battery Charge Conservators

We categorically do not recommend paying attention to such decisions. Because there is no use for the application to save battery power. No, of course there are solutions that can help cope with this difficult task, but for them to work correctly, you need a little more knowledge than just installing the application from Google Play.

If you suspect that one of the applications is gluttony, then boldly go to the settings, select the “Battery” item and in the right corner find three points by clicking on which the “Battery charge” menu will drop out. Further, it’s a matter of technology, which is too gluttonous – we close and look for an alternative, or use it more consciously.

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