Applications For Downloading Music On Android

Applications For Downloading Music On Android

Recently, streaming music services are gaining popularity, allowing you to listen to songs by subscription, or even free online. However, not all users have the opportunity to always be in touch, and in this case the question arises of downloading tracks to the phone’s memory. Things are more complicated here, since downloading music may involve commercial use and is protected by copyright law. That is why many applications have been removed from the Google Play Market. Well, let’s see how well those who remain manage to cope with this task.

Free downloading of illegal copies of media content is a violation of copyright and is punishable by law.

Google play music

Honored leader among music applications with an impressive base of tracks (more than 35 million). A repository for 50 thousand songs, the ability to subscribe to podcasts, the smart feature of the recommendations are just a few of what makes this application truly outstanding. There is a paid subscription for downloading music, while the songs are downloaded in a special protected format, which means that you have access to them only through this application and only during the paid period. If you lose connection with the Internet, the offline mode is automatically turned on, in which you can listen to downloaded and cached files.

Google Play Music is tied to a Google account, so all tracks uploaded to "Fonoteku", available on other devices. Disadvantage: when listening to music from the service, rewinding does not work.

Deezer music

Another high-quality service for listening to music in streaming and offline. Users especially like the feature. "Flow", Automatically generating a playlist based on personal preferences. Downloaded tracks are played only in the native application, and the download function itself opens only after paying for the subscription. Like Google Play Music, you can choose from a variety of ready-made playlists on various topics.

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There is also an online service Dizer, from where you can listen to your favorite songs. just go to the site and enter your account information. Disadvantages: advertising and lack of download function in the free version.


One of the best applications for downloading music in MP3 format. Completely free and without ads, it does not require any registration, tracks are downloaded to the phone’s memory and you can listen to them from any application. In the search you can find not only foreign but also domestic performers.

Nice and convenient interface. in the main window the search bar and a list of popular songs immediately open, everything is downloaded quickly, easily and without any restrictions.

No Hares

By installing the application, you will get access to numerous songs from the online portal Songs can be downloaded to your phone and played in other players (some songs, however, are prohibited).


A music application tied to an account on Yandex. In some ways, it’s similar to Google Play Music: you can add songs to the music library and listen to them from different devices, there are ready-made playlists and a separate tab for recommended songs selected based on user preferences. However, unlike the aforementioned service, on Yandex there is no way to buy albums of individual artists to get unlimited access to them.

The application allows you to listen and download tracks only with a paid subscription. The search function deserves special attention: you can not only enter the name of the track or artist, but also search for songs and audio files by category. In Ukraine, access to the Yandex.Music service is prohibited.

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Free service for downloading MP3 music. Previously, there was a separate application 4shared Music, but it was removed for the reasons described in the introduction to the article. This is a service for sharing files: both music and many others. Just click the search button in the lower right corner, select music from the categories and enter the name of the track or artist. By registering an account, each user receives 15 GB to store files in the cloud. In addition, songs can be downloaded directly to the phone’s memory for offline listening. For streaming listening, the application has a built-in player.

All files available for download are downloaded by registered users of the service, which entails certain disadvantages (viruses and low quality content). However, the developers claim that all downloaded files are scanned by antivirus software. In addition, be prepared to find here far from everything you are looking for.

Downloader MP3 Music

Applications For Downloading Music On Android

Another service for downloading audio files in MP3 format. You can find music and, most importantly, download, but there are a number of drawbacks. Firstly, the quality is poor. Secondly, the application often freezes. If you have patience, nerves of steel and a desperate desire to download MP3s to your phone, then this application is for you.

There are pluses: like Songily, the tool is completely free and does not require registration. You can listen to songs in the built-in player. There is an advertisement.


Millions of people use this service to listen to music and audio files for free. Here you can track musical trends, subscribe to audio channels, search for tracks by name and much more. The application allows you to connect with friends and favorite artists, listen to the music they share, and also add songs to your favorites in order to be able to listen to them later.

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As in the Google Play Music application, you can create your own playlists, start, pause and skip tracks on the lock screen, find new artists of any genre in the top hit lists based on the preferences of millions of users. The application is addressed primarily to those who prefer streaming services for listening to music. not all compositions are available for download. Disadvantages: lack of translation into Russian.

Gaana music

A popular service for lovers of Indian music. It contains music of all genres and in all languages ​​within India. This is one of the best music download apps with over 10 million tracks. As in SoundCloud, you can use ready-made playlists or create new ones. Free access to a huge number of songs in English, Hindi and other regional languages ​​of India.

Downloading tracks for listening offline is included in the paid subscription (the first 30 days are free). Disadvantages: downloaded tunes are available only in the Gahan application, there is no translation into Russian.

We hope that among the services presented you will find what you need.

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