Android Screen Output To Computer

Android Screen Output To Computer

Although this is not a daily task, from time to time, you may need to display the Android screen on your computer screen. This may be necessary to view photos or videos from a smartphone on a computer screen, develop without using a device, or simply as a mirror. No matter what your reason is, it is very easy to do.

It is possible to display the Android screen on a computer via a Wifi network or using a USB connection. Both methods are very simple and require a minimum of actions and settings. over, both methods are cross-platform, you can use them equally successfully on Windows, Linux or even Mac, you just need the Google Chrome browser on your computer and that’s it. Further we will consider how to configure everything correctly.

Android screen output to computer via wifi

To cast an Android screen to your computer, we need the free Screen Cast app. This is a very simple program that allows you to share the screen with other devices connected to the same wifi network. You can create an access point or connect a computer and phone to the same network using a router.

Then run the program from the main menu of the smartphone and just press the button "Start":

In the confirmation window, click "Start now" to confirm the start of the session. You can check "Dont show again" not to see this message every time.

Now just open any browser and enter the link that the application brought up. The link must be entered completely, including the port address. After you press Enter, the screen of your device will appear on the computer.

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Despite all its simplicity, the application has several settings. You cannot adjust the quality or position of the screen, but you can protect the broadcast with a password. To do this, click on the button with a sandwich, this is a classic menu button and select "Settings":

Check the box. "Required password for viewing screen cast":

The password will be created automatically, and now, in order to access your broadcast through the browser, you will need to enter it. Only after that you will see android on the computer screen.

Output Android screen to computer via USB

If you cannot connect the devices to the same network to configure the Android screen output to the computer via the network, then you can get the same result using USB. But before you start doing anything you need to enable debugging mode via USB. Open utility "Settings", then "For developer" and check the box "USB debugging":

Then connect the phone to the computer via USB and you will see a message in the notification area that USB debugging is enabled:

After installation, the application icon will appear on the Chrome startup screen:

Android Screen Output To Computer

Run it and click "Find devices":

Select your device from the list. Then grab the device and enable debugging by pressing a button "Ok":

Next, the application will be installed on the phone and the broadcast will begin. Please note that you need Google Chrome for this method, Chromium is not supported, since there is no PNaCL plugin used by the application. After starting the broadcast, the program will prompt you to select the main settings:

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And then you can screen the phone on your android computer and see what happens there.


In this article, we examined how screen translation from android to a computer is performed. As you can see, this is very simple, especially using the first method. The second method is more complicated but it has its own advantage. You can rotate the screen horizontally, apply various quality settings, and so on. If you have any questions, ask in the comments!

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