Android As A Joystick For Pc

Android As A Joystick For Pc

Android can be used as a joystick for games. You can play your favorite races, flight simulators, shooters, using your android device as a full-fledged wireless joystick, concurrently and a computer control panel!

Installing the necessary software

We will do everything with the application Pc remote. An ingenious application with great features of Chinese origin. So, first you need to download the application and install it on your computer.

We will consider installation and configuration using Wi-Fi. this is the maximum comfortable and no wires (you can still connect via Usb, but then the main idea. convenience. is lost).
You can download the application and PC client here:

  1. Install the program on an Android smartphone
  2. Install Reciever client software on your PC
  3. Connect your smartphone and pc to the same router

Launch and setup

  • Now we point the smartphone’s camera at the generated QR code and devices will be connected
  • Congratulations, the devices are connected and ready to use, now it remains to choose the joystick mode and start the game. The program offers many control options:

    • Android as a [b] wheel for racing (with support for the G-sensor. that is, control by tilting the phone)
    • phone like joystick with 2 sticks for control and 12 programmable buttons
    • android phone like gamepad for shooters (sticker for turning and walking, programmable buttons and screen rotation in an empty field)
    • tablet or phone like flight simulator joystick.
    Android As A Joystick For Pc

    Game control settings

    Launch your favorite game and go to the control settings. Many modern games offer you to immediately choose the keyboard and mouse or joystick control. In this option, select the joystick and, if there are options, select Monect. After that, you need to configure each joystick button for you to perform certain actions. In each game it is individual, so we will not dwell on this.

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    If the game does not provide for the management of a gamepad, then you can try setting the slopes and buttons for each action in the keyboard settings. There are also additional services that convert joystick actions to the corresponding keyboard buttons.

    In this article, we learned that android can be used as a joystick for games. You can play your favorite races, flight simulators, shooters, using your Android phone or tablet as a joystick, steering wheel or gamepad.

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