All Ways To Connect A Flash Drive To A Tv

All Ways To Connect A Flash Drive To A Tv

Many of us will gladly agree to watch a movie we like, a video or just photos that are stored on a USB flash drive. And if all this is still in good quality and on a large TV, then even more so. But in some cases, users simply do not know what it takes to connect a removable storage medium to the TV. Consider all possible ways to accomplish the task.

How to connect a USB flash drive to a TV

If the TV has a USB-connector, then use the drive is not difficult. But on older models, such a connector is missing. However, if you wish, you can use a flash drive on an old TV. There are several ways to connect a USB drive through intermediate devices. This is what this is about:

  • set-top box for viewing digital broadcasts;
  • media player;
  • DVD player

Consider all possible connection methods.

Method 1: Using a USB Port

Most modern TVs have a USB port. It is usually located on the back of the TV, sometimes on the side or front. The port we need looks like the one shown in the photo below. So, if the TV has a USB connector, do this:

  1. Insert your flash drive into this slot.
  2. Take the remote control and switch to work with it with the button "TV \ AV" or similar to it (depending on the model).
  3. A list of files on the drive opens, from which you select the one you need to view. Use the fast forward and rewind keys to view sample information.

When viewing files on a USB flash drive change automatically with a certain interval of time. Such files are sorted not in alphabetical order, but by recording date.

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To play data, a removable storage medium must have the correct file system format, usually "FAT32" or in older models "FAT16". If your flash drive has an NTFS or EXT3 system, then it is not recognized by the TV.

Therefore, save all the data first, after which you will need to format the USB flash drive in a format compatible with the TV. Step by step, this process is as follows:

  1. To remove the drive, press "Stop" and wait until the LED on the flash drive turns off.
  2. Remove the device.
  3. Insert it into the computer. Open "This computer", right-click on the drive and select the item in the drop-down menu "Format".

Near the inscription "File system" put the right one. Check the box "Fast ".
Click "To begin".

  • A warning will appear. Click in it "Yes" or "OK".
  • The flash drive is ready to use!

    Sometimes a problem arises because the storage medium has the USB 3.0 specification and the USB 2.0 port on the TV. Theoretically, they should be compatible. But if the USB 2.0 flash drive does not work, then the conflict is obvious. Distinguish between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. simply:

    • in USB 2.0 there are 4 contacts, plastic under the contacts in black;
    • USB 3.0 has 9 pins, and plastic under the pins is blue or red.

    So, if you have such a conflict here, or if the TV is not equipped with a USB port, you can use the connection via an intermediate device. This is our next way.

    Method 2: Set-top box for watching digital television

    Such consoles are equipped with USB connectors. They are also called T2. The set-top box itself, most often, is connected to the TV via HDMI, but if the TV is old, then through the “tulip”. To play the desired file from the USB flash drive, do the following:

    1. Plug the drive into the USB port of the console.
    2. Turn on the TV.
    3. Using the remote control through "Menu" select the desired file.
    4. Press button "Play".

    As you can see, everything is quite simple and no conflicts usually arise in this case.

    All Ways To Connect A Flash Drive To A Tv

    Method 3: Using a DVD Player

    You can connect the USB flash drive to the TV using a DVD player, which has a USB port.

    1. Plug your drive into the player’s USB port.
    2. Turn on the player and TV.
    3. Enjoy watching. The fact is that the device should be independently determined by the TV, and it should automatically react and switch to it. If this does not happen, use the same button. "TV / AV" on the remote control (or its analogues).
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    If the viewing fails, it is possible that this file format is not supported in the player. Read more about the problems, because of which the files on the USB flash drive may not play on the TV, you can read in our lesson.

    Method 4: Using a Media Player

    Another way to connect a USB flash drive to a TV without a USB port is to use a media player. This device has replaced DVD-players and supports any video formats, which, of course, is very convenient. The fact is that you will not need to convert the downloaded file to certain TV formats.

    The principle of operation is similar to the previous method. If the media player is connected to the TV, you only need to insert your USB flash drive into its USB port.

    Most of these devices come with cables that can easily and quickly be connected to the TV. If in more detail, then this happens as follows:

    1. Insert the drive with video files into the USB port of the media player.
    2. Use the remote control to enter the section "Video".
    3. Use the scroll buttons to select the desired file.
    4. Press button "OK".

    Watch a movie or listen to music. Done!

    If you have problems with playback, read the operating instructions for the equipment and find out what file formats are supported on your device. Most video equipment works with USB media in the FAT32 file system.

    Often forums ask questions about whether it is possible to use specialized OTG adapters in an old TV without a USB port, where there is a USB input and an HDMI output. After all, then you do not need to purchase additional devices. So, save here will not succeed. It is just a cable of different form factors. And to transfer data from a flash drive, you need a data bus that has special drivers and converts the data into a format that is understandable to us.

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    Therefore, if you do not have the above-described intermediate devices, you can purchase a budget option in the form of an Android set-top box. It has USB ports, and connects to a TV using HDMI. In principle, it will be able to perform the functions of a media player: read a video file from a USB flash drive and send it via an HDMI connector for playback on a TV. Once you set up your TV to work with a USB flash drive, you can enjoy watching any information from the drive. If you have any problems, be sure to write about them in the comments. We will try to help!

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