11 Unobvious Facts About The Apple Watch

11 Unobvious Facts About The Apple Watch

One of Apple’s most anticipated products has finally reached its destination: onto the wrists of its owners. And while the lucky owners of the first Apple Watch set up their devices, test Force Touch and download watch applications on their iPhone, we will analyze several interesting features of the Apple Watch.

Charging MagSafe can give you a miser

There is nothing wrong with choosing the Apple Watch Sport, the cheapest watch model. But if for you this question is a sore subject, and you even replaced the strap on your watch in order to hide their cost. do not even think about carrying exercises. A plastic charger will give you offal.

For comparison, Apple Watch models from the middle and super-exclusive (read: expensive) segment. Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. are equipped with metal charges. Fortunately, all types of chargers work very quickly and the difference between them is only in the material of the case.

Charging MagSafe can charge other devices

According to Albert Lee, an Apple Insider reader, the Apple Watch charger was able to charge another smartwatch, the Moto 360, without any problems. Both devices use the same wireless Qi standard to charge. Mashable conducted their own test and this fact was confirmed.

This is actually a very important thing. The Qi standard is the most popular among mobile device manufacturers. This is also one of the three main standards for wireless charging, competing for leadership in the world of gadgets. Last year, two other standards from the top three — the new PowerMat and the earlier Rezence — joined forces. This greatly facilitated the task of manufacturers, so now one product can support 2 standards at once.

But at some point, the industry will have to choose one path and develop one standard. In any case, if wireless chargers become as popular as micro-USB. In the meantime, thanks to Apple’s choice, the balance may lean toward the Qi standard.

Or it could, if not for one fact.

. but the Apple Watch doesn’t work with third-party Qi chargers (at least not yet)

Let’s get back to the Mashable tests. They tried the opposite scenario. to charge the Apple Watch using Qi-charges of other manufacturers. So, in the opposite direction it does not work. They tested 2 different charges, but could not figure out the reason. This may be a technical problem, or it may be a physical incompatibility of the design of watches and chargers.

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We do not know which version of Qi was used during the test, but that matters. Old versions were famous for their incredible exactingness: the device had to be put on charge in one strictly defined position. But last year, the standard received an update and began to support a more flexible type of charging. resonant. It is less demanding and can transmit energy over longer distances. It is possible that Apple products work with a newer version of Qi, while Mashable ran tests with older models of chargers, while newer models might work.

We have already come across the watch chargers for third-party manufacturers in the form of docking stations and external batteries, and it is logical to assume that these devices are designed not only for Apple.

Watch at Apple could be the starting point for the widespread adoption of wireless charging

The last few months have been very successful for Qi-charges. Ikea presented a collection of furniture with built-in wireless chargers. now the phone can be charged by simply placing it on a table or bedside table. For Apple, switching to wireless chargers can seriously affect the entire product line. Take for example the new MacBook, which to everyone’s surprise is equipped with only one port. If the watch is successful, the next laptop model can also get wireless charging. In this case, the only laptop port will no longer be such a problem. And over time, iPhone and iPad can also get Qi-charging.

Perhaps Apple’s course is “far from innovation, especially compared to other wireless charging technologies,” as IHT analyst Ryan Sanderson put it in a press release sent to me after the announcement of the watch. But he does not need to be innovative. Apple products tend to give acceleration to companies, technology standards, and even entire industries when they come to work with them. So at the very beginning of the road to mass use, wireless chargers can get a push in the right direction.

Rehabilitation so discouraging all digital crowns: use under water!

The water resistance of the Apple Watch is no secret, this is one of the features of the watch. But when FoneFox arranged a water test for the watch. a shower with a watch on his hand, swimming in the pool and immersing the device in a bucket of water. it turned out that the touch screen does not work under water.

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Fortunately, the digital crown perfectly copes with this task, confirming its own need for watch design. Just do not take it as an offer to arrange such a test yourself.

The watch can measure the level of oxygen in the blood (but will not)

When iFixit opened the 38-millimeter model of Apple Watch, they found that the heart rate monitor can measure not only the number of beats per minute, but also the level of oxygen in the blood. In medicine, this method is called pulse oximetry. It helps to monitor the level of oxygen in the patient’s blood under anesthesia during surgery, as well as when taking medications for pulmonary diseases and strong physical exertion.

Naturally, this leads to the idea of ​​certain sports. climbing, or, remembering the water resistance of watches, not very deep diving. But you have to stop here. The iFixit team believes that Apple is not spreading about this sensor due to federal regulations. Measuring blood oxygen levels is balancing between fitness and medicine, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be very picky when it comes to issuing permits for medical equipment.

At the moment, we do not know whether this sensor will be used as a ResearchKit tool in an Apple research project, or is it just a way to please extreme sportsmen. So far, we only know that there is such a sensor and it is waiting in the wings.

Some parts are easy to replace

Batteries has a limited life. Most often, it is measured by the number of charge-discharge cycles until a malfunction occurs or a complete failure occurs. The Apple Watch battery also expires over time. For some watch owners, this can serve as an impetus for independent battery replacement.

So there is good news and bad news. The battery is easy enough to replace on its own, it holds only due to a small amount of glue. But first you need to get to it. the clock screen stands in the way. To soften the glue holding the screen and disconnect the cables from the display, the watch must be heated. Based on iFixit’s experience, this can be a daunting task.

Other elements of the watch. wires, a speaker, buttons and Taptic Engine, as well as all their tiny cogs can be a problem for farsighted people, but the task does not look overwhelming. However, the clock processor seems to be attached tightly.

Please note that attempting to open the watch and carry out an independent repair will automatically void the warranty. Such experiences are not for the faint of heart or people with poor eyesight. (Watchmakers are not in vain using a magnifying glass.)

11 Unobvious Facts About The Apple Watch

. and some are not so easy

The "processor" S1 inside the Apple Watch is actually a whole system on a chip, combining the processor itself, wireless antennas, memory and sensors. Tiny but very powerful technology. Apparently, this is the glue that holds it together.

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Few Apple Watch owners take a peek so deeply, and judging by iFixit’s reports, this is rather good.

Despite the rumors (and hopes) about the product being upgraded, the complexity of self-extracting S1 casts serious doubt on the idea of ​​simply changing the insides.
Unfortunately, our first glance encounters an obstacle. the silver lid marked S1 is not a lid at all, but a solid block of plastic resin that hides all the treasures.
So the fully packaged S1 system makes board-level repair impossible.

Like a regular watch, the straps will get dirty and deteriorate over time.

The Apple Watch strap is unlikely to ever look like this (unless you throw it in a fire), but they will not always be beautiful.

Even the grandeur of Apple cannot abolish the rules of elemental chemistry. The watch is designed to be worn on the hand, so they can not avoid constant contact with the skin, especially the strap. You can clean the metal of the watch, but the leather or fluoroelastomer strap will never look like new.

There are already thousands of watch apps

Owners of watches can already do a lot of things with the help of a device on their wrist: unlock the door of a room at the Starwood Hotel, read the New York Times headlines, shop, orient yourself on the street, check in at Foursquare, stay up to date with Expedia armor and much, much more.

And if that’s not enough, the IFTTT service (short for “If This Then That”, “If A, then B”. approx. per.) just released versions of the Do Button and Do Note applications for watches, giving its users access to 170 other applications. According to an IFTTT spokesperson, “People can easily launch their favorite recipe with one click on their wrists.”

It is not yet clear which of these applications are really useful or what exactly people want to do with their wrists, but we can only welcome the desire of developers to give us a choice.

Many accessories are already on sale, and soon more will appear

Accessories manufacturers could not wait for the release of the Apple Watch. Now that the watch is on sale, wait for the wave of fashionable straps, battery straps, adapters for straps, coasters, docking stations, portable batteries, bumpers, and even armored cases that will also help hide the fact that you bought the cheapest model hours. And this is just the beginning.

I have not yet seen cases that can disguise an aluminum watch as gold, but like everything connected with a watch, it is only a matter of time. [readwrite]

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